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Thinking of booking your shoot? See what my fabulous clients have to say about working with me!

Claire Owen Testimonial for AGA.jpg

Thinking of booking your next shoot? See what my fabulous clients have to say about working with me!


"In a world where everyone is pivoting to adapt to the circumstances we find ourselves in, I thought that getting new branding shots were out of the question, until someone introduced me to Aga. From the minute I spoke to her, I knew she was warm, caring and enabled me to feel confident having a virtual photo shoot with her. Not only was it so much fun, really made lockdown melt away in the background, I have got the most divine photos that really embody the essence of who I am and what I stand for I cannot recommend Aga enough"


Nicky Kilnan Testimonial for AGA.jpg
Allison Angel Testimonial for AGA.jpg
Karem Milligam Testimonial for AGA.jpg
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Michelle Kehoe Testimonial for AGA.jpg
Amy Rowlands Testimonial for AGA.jpg

"I have just been looking through my beautiful photos and wanted to reach out with a huge thank you!


A photo shoot would usually be my biggest nightmare and yet I absolutely loved it! The whole process put me at ease and set my expectations from day one. You allowed me to relax and take it in my stride!


You have a beautiful personality which made me enjoy the day so much. You have an amazing talent and are just the best!


I felt really gorgeous just because of you, thank you!" 


Nina Ketel Testimonial for AGA.jpg
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